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New members to HT
Do you - by any chance - have any contact with previous members of the old Hangar Talk, pls. feel free to invite them to the new Hangar Talk. And if you know others who are interested, they will be welcome as well.
Lars - 02/05/2007
More subforum's for HT
If anyone have some other hobbies or interests - and would like a forum for this, i can create a sub-forum at HT for this. It can be ready at the same day. Let me know .
Lars - 02/05/2007

FlightSim Veterans Club - Phoenix Lounge

Hangar Talk

Round The World 2003

Links you want placed on FSVC gateway


Do you have a flightsim related website and want the link placed on this gateway, let me know. Use the link below to e-mail me (webmaster).     


Lars - 02/06/2007


FlightSim Veteran’s Club was founded in October 2001. FSVC was formed due to problems at our previous "home" - the FS2000 Forum at Flightsim.Com with the off-topic chat. Our first webmaster, John Consterdine ran the site until March 2002, when he resigned. Since then, and up until the end of December of 2006, FSVC was hosted by Frank Cubillos at FSgateway. Unfortunately the webmaster disappeared mysteriously, and since Frank has lost interest, it has been reborn at a new address, and is now run by Don Moser (Bushpounder).


Since some people like to discuss political topics, which is not the most popular topic at FSVC, I have created a new version of Hangar Talk. It is not my intention that it shall be the same "dogfight" site as in the past. I have just chosen to use the same name, as it has this relation to the hobby.


As John Consterdine had an important role in the creation of FSVC, I find it right to have a link here to his website which contains a description of the start of the trip around the world and a forum. His tour unfortunately ends at the southern tip of South America, as he was found dead in august of 2003.

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